Acoustics and Poetry (A&P) is a subsidiary concept of the Venda Creative Cartel (VCC), a multifaceted company with the primary mandate of creating a valuable exchange between creatives and corporates through a concept such as A&P. The organisation was established and developed by a group of young individuals who identified a significant gap in the entertainment market, in Venda and especially, a niche of creativity which was not catered.

SPACINI VISCOM was tasked with bringing the Venda Creative Cartel’s vision to life for their upcoming event. They were responsible for conceptualizing the theme of the event and creating all of the marketing materials to promote it. This included designing posters, brochures, and other promotional items that would effectively communicate the organization’s mission and attract the target audience. SPACINI VISCOM’s creative expertise was crucial in ensuring the success of the event, as they worked to translate the goals of Venda Creative Cartel and Acoustics and Poetry into an impactful and memorable experience for all involved.

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